How to Add Your Business Listing Online at Business Directory Philippines

June 18, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Guides

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If you want to make your business more visible on Google and other search engines, submitting it on top local online business directories like BusinessDirectory.PH will help you a lot. Our directory is one of the most visible business directories online in the Philippines. Once your business is added in our listings, it will be searchable and discoverable on Google and other search engines. Further, our directory is also integrated with Google Map and each listing includes rich information, such as address, contact information, website, and photos about the business.

Adding your business in our directory is free and easy. Here are the simple steps to add your listing:

1. Log in or register in our site.

Before you can add or claim a business listing, you should be logged in first in our site. If you are new to the site, you should register first for a new account. Registration is totally free. You can log in or register by visiting our login/register page.

login register

1.1 Log in our site.
If you’re already registered in our site, log in with your username and password, then answer the CAPTCHA question to confirm you’re a human.

1.2 Register in our site.
If you’re not yet registered in our website, get started by clicking the “register” button at the right side of the page. It will bring you to our simple registration page.

register account

In the registration page, simply fill in your username, email and your CAPTCHA answer, then click register. Make sure to provide a valid email since your password and login details will be sent to that email. If you’ll provide an invalid email, you can never log in. Also take note that we are using security measures that will block and lock out users that will attempt to spam our site.

registration complete check email

After clicking the “register” button and submitting your username and email, a message will appear saying “Check your e-mail for your login details and confirmation link”. Your password and login details will be sent to your email so you have to check your inbox and look for our welcome message, as shown below.

confirmation email

The welcome message contains your email, password and useful links to our directory site.

1.3 Check your dashboard.
After successfully logging in with your email and password, which are sent to your email, you will automatically be directed to your dashboard page.

business directory dashboard

In your dashboard, you can visit the following:

My account – this is the section where you can edit your profile, name, password and other details.
Create listing – this is the page where you can add your listing.
My listings – this is the page that shows the listings you have added and claimed in the directory.
My messages – this is the section that shows the messages and inquiries sent to you in the directory.
My favorites – this is the section that shows the listings you have favorited.


2. Check your business if it’s already listed.

Before adding your business listing, check first if it’s already listed in our directory to prevent duplication. Our admin is regularly adding business listings in our directory and let them be claimed by their respective owners instead of waiting for them to add their businesses in the directory.

To search if your business is already listed, visit our homepage and search by typing any keyword related to your business name in the search bar. Then click the search icon (see image below for an example).

search directory

If it’s already in the search results, click “more details” to visit and see the listing page.

search results

In the listing page, you will see a question that says “Does this listing belong to your company” and a button that says “Click here to claim this listing”.

claim listing

If it’s not you who added the listing of your business in our directory, you can claim the listing to have the following privileges:

A. The ability to edit and update the listing
B. The ability to receive messages or inquiries about your business, which are sent to the business listing author

To claim the listing of your business, click the “click here to claim this listing” button (as shown in the photo above). Take note that you must be logged in to claim the listing.

listing has been claimed

The message above will appear once your claim is successful and your business listing is assigned to your account. You can check “My listings” in your dashboard if your business listing is already there.


3. Create or add a listing.

If your business is not yet listed in our directory, you can add it by going to “add listing” page by clicking the “ADD LISTING” button.

add listing button

The “add listing page” is composed of 5 sections: description, details, category, photo and map location. You should click its section to expand.

add listing

3.1 Add your listing description.
The first section is the description. This includes your business title (business name), description (minimum of 200 characters), and keywords (we recommend a maximum of 5 keywords).

listing description

3.2 Add your listing details.
The second section is the details. This is composed of your company name, products/services, registered address, phone number and other optional information like mobile number, email and website.

add listing details

3.3 Add your listing category.
The third section is where you select your business category. If you think that you can’t find the best category for your business, you may contact us to suggest a category for our consideration.

add listing category

3.4 Add your listing photo.
The next section is where you can upload a photo about your business. We recommend that you upload the best image that can prove your business existence and legitimacy, such as a picture of your people or place. We also recommend uploading an optimized or lightweight image to avoid slow loading of your listing page. For free and regular members, we currently allow 1 picture per business.

add listing attachment

3.5 Add your listing map or location.
The last section is where you will include your location or address at Google Map. It is recommended that you add your business first at Google Map by visiting If your business is already listed at Google Map, you can simply type the name of your business in this section, and Google will automatically suggest and find your map location.

add listing map location

If your business is not yet added at Google Map, you can temporarily select a related location, such as a street or district area, which are already included on Google Map. But of course if you really want to make your business name or brand visible on Google, adding your business name at Google Map is better.

Once you’re done with all the sections, simply click save listing and wait for a moment.

saving your changes

After saving your listing, the message below will appear.

pending admin approval

Take note that all submitted listings will be reviewed by our team before approval and making it live in our directory. You can go to your dashboard anytime and check the status of your listing.

To make sure that your submitted listing will be approved by our team without a problem, follow the following 3 tips:

1. Provide complete and accurate information
2. Choose the best category for your business
3. Upload the best photo that represents your business (e.g., picture of your establishment or people). Logo pictures do not usually become appealing since they are usually small in dimension.


For questions and advertising inquiries contact us by using our contact form or send us an email at