Janecek Realty Development Corporation

April 10, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Real Estate

Our Company is a licensed real estate brokerage and development company with office located in Barangay Tammocalao in the Municipality of Bacnotan in La Union Province. In its early existence, the Company has attained a wide range of real estate listings. The Company also boasts its 1.9 hectare development project along the beachfront of Barangay Baroro in the Municipality of Bacnotan.

Aside from real estate development, JANECEK REALTY values the importance of community building and cooperation by participating in livelihood assistance projects, some of which are from our own initiative and mostly in cooperation with the municipal government. JANECEK REALTY is not only concerned with real estate development. We understand that to be able to promote development in the municipality, we must commit to developing the municipality in part, and the province of La Union in whole.

The Company also prides itself with its wide network of appraisers, brokers, surveyors and contractors, which all are engaged in the process of real estate development. We have also a wide network of government contacts on the municipal and provincial level, and all of which are ready to assist in licensing and documentation.