People Water Station

September 26, 2011 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Shopping

People Water Station, is dedicated to provide you with the best re-vitalized drinking water, which is also called re-energized drinking water, as well as with the best delivery service in Codova and Mactan Island, with a fleet of 60 delivery vehicles. What we offer? Healthy and outstanding drinking water at competitive prices. And we assure you the cleanest drinking water, thanks to our hygienic production infrastructure.

Whether you are looking for purified drinking water, purified mineralized drinking water, or for alkaline iodized drinking water, we can meet all of your home, office and delivery needs.

People Water Station will clean, rinse, sanitized and fill any container. Our Gallon Exchange Program – 5 gallon container only, allows you to get always a clean and sanitized gallon every time you come in with your empty exchange Gallon (5 gallon container), so that you don’t need to wait to get your water.

People Water Station – Drinking Water Delivery
Too many gallons’ to carry? Let us deliver the drinking water to you. We deliver throughout Cordova and Mactan Island to your doorstep, with a fleet of 60 vehicles. Call us for details at 0928 405 2835 or 496 8024.